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IBM Watson Internet of Things

Development Challenge

Watson Internet of Things

IBM Brazil Lab Development Challenge



You've been challenged to create a new version for IBM Watson IoT Playground experience, redeploying your own version to IBM Bluemix.


This is your chance to show us your skills and get a position in our IBM Watson Internet of Things team.


Read the instructions bellow and...  GO!

Scroll to launch the challenge


Get inspired with our experience!


1. Go to the Discover IoT site and run the ”Play” experience.  Connect your own smartphone and see the data coming from your device into the page charts.

2. Play with the Acceleration Alert.


Go to the Discover IoT site and run the ”Try” experience.  By the end of it you will have all the necessary elements to complete this challenge:


1. A git project with the deployed application source code.

2. A deployment pipeline

3. A Node.js application already tied to the IBM Watson IoT Platform Service instance and hosted in Bluemix.


Note: Use this application as your starting point to develop a new experience only! You don't need use the same layout or follow the steps described in the original landing page in order to complete the challenge. Keep in mind this is a Development Challenge and we want to see your creativity and coding skills!


Develop your own application reproducing the Play Experience behaviors. The basic requirements for your app are:


1. Connect a user device to the Watson IoT Platform (can be a smartphone or any other devices.  See the available recipes to connect your device).

2. Show at least one live sensor data (e.g. acceleration) coming into the page from the user device. (it can be a list of events or a chart representing the data flow)

3. Notify the user by implementing any sort of alert system when the sensor data (e.g. acceleration/vibration) hits a predefined threshold (It can be a simple visual alert, email or SMS message, etc).




When the challenge is complete send us your Bluemix application url and invite the following users to your IBM Bluemix DevOps Service project:




• diegodm@br.ibm.com

• ajlima@br.ibm.com


• Feel free to use any existing UI components or frameworks (bootstrap, angular, react, polymer, web components, etc) or any available services in the Bluemix Platform.


• It is not necessary to implement the phone component.


• Use the IDE of your choice.


• Both backend and front-end development skills will be taken into consideration for the evaluation process.





Good Luck!